Did You Know?

Most homes are underinsured

Studies suggest that more than 60% of homes in the United States are underinsured, and are not insured to "replacement value". Replacement value is the cost today to rebuild a home from the foundation up. Replacement value can differ substantially from market value, which is what a willing buyer would pay for a home.

Home Insurance does NOT cover flood

Flood insurance is provided by the federal government under the National Flood Insurance Program. It is a separate policy from your home insurance and a very wise purchase. A licensed advocate can assist you with the purchase of a flood policy.


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What is AllQuote Florida?

AllQuote Florida is a website for Florida homeowners that delivers comparative insurance rates based on the most relevant information for many of the top Florida carriers.

Can I get auto quotes from AllQuote Florida?

At this time, the AllQuote Florida website only delivers homeowner's quotes. Auto quotes can be quoted by contacting a licensed advocate and are widely available on the internet.

Can I use AllQuote Florida to quote policies in all states?

No, AllQuote Florida is for Florida property owners only. However, we will be adding new states in the near future.

Can I purchase and bind my insurance policy directly from AllQuote Florida?

No. AllQuote Florida operates independently from carriers and the quotes are independently calculated. You can contact a licensed advocate to complete your purchase.

Are the rates shown on the AllQuote Florida quote guaranteed?

AllQuote Florida rate quotes are not guaranteed. Here at AllQuote Florida, we make every effort to ensure the rate quotes provided are accurate and up to date; however, there are several reasons a final rate from the carrier may differ from the AllQuote Florida quote, including: rate changes during the period your policy is finalized, additional coverage options or endorsements beyond those considered in the AllQuote Florida quote, and different coverage limits.

When selecting the coverage amounts for an application, what occurs when the 'Default' option is selected?

When the 'Default' option is selected for an applicable coverage option, the quote is processed using the 'default' coverage for each carrier, according to the coverage default specifics outlined in their underwriting manual. If a specific percentage or dollar value, rather than the 'Company Default' option is selected, the quote will be processed using the selected value. Keep in mind, when a specific percentage or dollar value is selected, and a carrier does not offer the value selected, a quote will not be generated for that particular carrier.

Why doesn’t AllQuote Florida provide quotes from the big national insurance companies, like State Farm and AllState?

The Florida home insurance market has endured many changes in the last 20 years. Currently, the overwhelming majority of new home insurance policies written in the state of Florida are issued by Florida “domestic” companies and Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Many brand name national companies only issue new policies to their existing Floridian customers. AllQuote Florida seeks to provide quotes for the companies who are actively issuing new policies in the state. The Insurance Companies page provides a list of the companies for whom AllQuote Florida generates quotes.

We have an existing insurance policy. Can we just cancel and switch our insurance without a penalty? Or do we need to wait until it is time to renew to switch to a new carrier?

No, you do not need to wait until your renewal date to switch carriers. Generally, you can cancel your insurance policy at any time and will not be penalized. A licensed advocate can assist you with the process of purchasing a new policy and cancelling your existing policy to ensure you remain covered.