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About Us

As a Florida-based company, we have experienced first-hand the difficulties in obtaining home insurance in Florida. We have leveraged almost 20 years of insurance technology experience to finally deliver Floridians home insurance choices and rate transparency.

AllQuoteFL is a free service dedicated to helping Florida property owners find the best home insurance at an affordable price. We are the first and only site that actually provides many home insurance quotes instantly, rather than passing your information to a handful of insurance agents, who in turn would contact you with only select quotes. With AllQuoteFL, you are in control to shop and compare your home insurance at your convenience.

How It Works

florida home insuranceQUOTE: Florida property owners complete a simple one page form with information regarding your property and insurance needs.

allquote florida insuranceCOMPARE: Within a few seconds, AllQuoteFL delivers as many as 45 home insurance quotes.

allquoteflSAVE: Contact a professional and experienced advocate for assistance in finding the best protection for the best value.

Based on the property and coverage information provided, you will be presented with a list of estimated premiums various insurance companies may charge. These quotes are an accurate estimation of premiums calculated on the most common rating factors you entered. These quotes should not be considered guaranteed or final until all of your specific coverage needs have been considered. Therefore, these quotes are not bound and in effect, and do not serve as proof of coverage. In addition, each insurance company has its own underwriting eligibility guidelines in place that change frequently and are NOT necessarily reflected in the quotes presented. Until you contact a licensed Florida insurance advocate who provides you a final quote which considers your desired coverage features and pricing, you do NOT have a binding quote.

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